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The Low-Cost Structural Solution To Framing Roof Openings

Skylights are the best way of adding natural daylight and warmth for any building. And as much as they are a necessity to healthy and lively building designs, so does the need for quicker and easier installation.

Whenever cutting a steel roof deck for new HVAC units, skylights, or exhaust fans, proper structural supports are needed to properly support the newly weakened decking. A process usually requiring a Structural Engineer, Certified Steel Welder and some other trades. With Artistic Skylight’s EZ SkyFrames, the process becomes simple.

The key benefits that automatically come from using Artistic Skylight’s EZ SkyFrames are:

  • The easiest bolt-on installation with a 3/4″ impact driver and absolutely no welding required.
  • Pre-engineered for all sorts of applications
  • Quickly adjust sizes on-site for multiple roof opening dimensions on-the-go
  • Installation takes place under the deck, for safe and easy access

Quick, easy, straightforward. The EZ SkyFrames are exactly the right structural framing for roof openings solution for your project.

Options & Specifications

  • Easy Installation Process
  • Pre-Engineered Designs
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Strong/Durable Construction
Recommended Use
  • Commercial Flat Roofs
  • New Skylight Installation
  • HVAC and Rooftop Units
  • Roof Deck Reinforcement
Product Options & Specifications

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