When it comes to performance and longevity, skylight materials count. And in the skylight industry, choosing between glass or acrylic comes with more than a few considerations.

“The choice isn’t all black or white,” says Marco Ferrazzo, Manager with Artistic Skylights. “Both glass and acrylic offer significant benefits, but one material may be preferable given the project, budget, environment, or any number of factors.”

Choosing between either skylight material? Consider the following.

  • Durability: As long as you’re buying from a reputed manufacturer/seller, both glass and acrylic-based skylights will be designed to hold their own. Nevertheless, glass-based skylights share a reputation for having a longer lifespan than acrylic alternatives. That said, different styles and technologies can contribute to greater strength and damage resistance.
  • Price: Acrylic products are generally more cost-effective than glass alternatives. That said, there are options for controlling costs with either material.
  • Thermal performance: Glass has been proven to deliver a more effective thermal performance over acrylic, and can contribute to a reduction in Solar Heat Gain. Granted, acrylic still performs admirably under the heat, but not to the same degree.
  • Aesthetics: Both glass and acrylic skylights can be made with multiple colours, allowing them to blend in with interior designs. Acrylic colour options with Artistic Skylights, for example, include clear, bronze-tinted, and opaque white.
  • Size: Acrylic-skylights can be made in more sizes than glass-based options. Both have multiple options when it comes to size, but glass is slightly more limited. Here again, skylight design, technology, and installation strategies can make a difference.
  • Adding curves: Glass skylights are not typically recommended for flat roofs, but can be installed on such a surface on a sloped curb of 3-degrees minimum. Acrylic is much more versatile in its usage due to its domed shape. For example, on a flat roof, it allows the water to run off instead of pooling on the lens.

Glass or acrylic? Which will it be? When it comes to skylights, the truth is either material can add greatly to your environment. As always, working with an experienced and trusted skylight manufacturer will ensure you make the right choice for your project.

“We know the pros and cons of each product we sell, and our job is to understand each client’s vision and budget to match them with the best solution,” adds Ferrazzo.

Discover your options. Learn about the latest skylight designs and materials for home, office, or industrial properties by visiting Artistic Skylights.

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