The advantages of skylights stretch beyond their bright appeal. Within homes, offices, and industrial facilities, architectural skylights can serve the dual purpose of promoting natural light and livening up a space with a unique overhead feature.

“There’s a certain ‘wow’ factor when you walk into a room with an architectural skylight,” says Marco Ferrazzo, Manager with Artistic Skylights. “Sure, you can have something that brightens up a room, but you can also install a skylight that adds some style to the environment, be it a home, common space, or work environment.”

Indeed, architectural skylights are an inspired choice for residential, commercial, or industrial property stakeholders looking to seize the benefits of natural light but with an extra aesthetic flair. The options for such skylights range from barrel-vaulted to glass pyramids, clustered domes to curb mount butted, and beyond.

“There’s no difference in quality between architectural skylights and any other,” adds Ferrazzo. “The choice comes down to what space you’re working with and the impression you want to make.”

Still, while style is undoubtedly a selling point, architectural skylights can be particularly ideal for large facilities where natural light can enrich the working environment. As such, any operation with the roof space and budget to accommodate a skylight will have no shortage of options.

A rising trend

There’s no denying the difference an architectural skylight can make. And from luxury homes to modern offices, and retail outlets to public spaces, many property owners and managers are turning to architectural skylights as a way to breathe life into their indoor environments.

For its part, Artistic Skylights has infused its product portfolio with an array of designs, each of which is constructed using only top-tier North American materials (e.g., glass aluminum, acrylic barrel, frost-free glass) that are designed to hold their own against the most severe Canadian conditions.

“Weather can get rough here, which is why we’re just as focused on quality as we are on style,” Ferrazzo insists.

It also helps that the Artistic Skylights team has the expertise and experience to tailor its installations to any number of roofing configurations. After all, choosing the right location is an art in itself; as is working around existing equipment or rooftop features.

“An investment in a skylight is as much about the product as it is about the team who will install it,” says Ferrazzo. “When it comes to architectural skylights, you are dealing with any number of variables, so partnering with a team that’s done and seen it all will make sure your vision matches the final product.”

Architectural skylights are on the rise. Learn more, and browse the industry’s top selection, at Artistic Skylights.

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